Poppy (sweetandsombre) wrote,

001. new start

I decided I wanted a fresh start with LJ, I think I'm going to make it a little more fandom based and HOPEFULLY update more regularly.

I miss it here A LOT and I think making a new start (as such) will make it easier to come back officially - I mean at this point I update infrequently and hardly ever comment on comms or other peoples journals, which is really shitty. I've made all my past posts private and changed my layout I'm just hoping that I don't start neglecting my journal again it's been almost a year since I was properly active. Wow, that makes me sad.

This post will probably be followed by a small friends-cut mainly of the people that don't update at all anymore because I'm sure that there are quite a few.

So this is just a "HAI, I'M BACK OFFICIALLY" sort of entry
Tags: life:being a busy bee, lj:missing it like hell, ~i'm baaaaack
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